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Electromagnetic Recordings

Here are 70+ tracks of eerie hums, buzzes, whirs, glitches, and more! Using an electromagnetic pick-up microphone, I recorded the hidden sounds electronics make that we can't normally hear. You can utilize them in commercial or private projects!


Use this library to create alarms, UI sounds, digital malfunctions, power-ups, spaceship motors, heart monitors, electrical spells, and more! Credit isn't required but always appreciated. Contact me if you want ideas on how to use or alter these sounds.

Human Body & Voice Recordings 

I recorded and edited 240 sounds related to characters for you! These UCS-compliant human body and voice sounds are ready to be imported into your project so that you can breathe more life into your characters.


This library includes male voices, female voices, sips, claps, knuckle cracks, breaths, coughs, snores, and so much more. These sounds are also free to use in commercial projects! Credit isn't necessary but greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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