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My Focus

Sound Design

I immerse audiences in documentaries and narratives with tailored sound effects that suit each story.


I bring your character's actions to life with original performances of footsteps, prop handling, and more.

Sound Editing

I choose from the thousands of sounds in my library and alter them so that they feel natural in your film's world.


I blend dialogue, music, and sound effects together seamlessly to engage audiences in your story.

About Me

Hi there! I’m Sabrina: an eco-friendly Sound Artist who is based in Colorado.  I've been playing the piano since I was 6 years old,  but I didn't discover my dream career until I took a sound class at Colorado Film School.  I had been studying to be a Screenwriter and Director since I love telling stories. 

Favorite Films: Wings Over Water, Oldboy, Paprika, Stalker, Midsommar, Mulholland Drive, The Orchestra, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Featured Work

  • A sound redesign of Altered Carbon: Resleeved that features sound effects for a slew of swords, guns, impacts, and gore

  • A look into my creative process as the Sound Designer for Cholo: a short film that's currently in the festival circuit

  • The Next Contestant is a short drama that I was the Sound Designer, Foley Artist, and Re-recording Mixer for

  • A demonstration of the foley I have performed and the custom recordings I have captured for a variety of films

  • An example of the educational content I regularly make for Sound Designers and filmmakers on Instagram

Liquid Bubbles


"Sabrina was able to deliver great quality sounds in a timely manner that were to an incredibly high standard. She was professional, communicative, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the end product was just what we needed."

Frank Pleece

Sound Designer at Molinare

"I'm confident that Sabrina has the skills you are looking for as a sound designer. If there is anything she needs to learn, she'll learn it in a very short time while presenting the most adept and polished team member interaction you will find."

Justin Davis

Founder of Audible Existitude

"Sabrina is extremely talented and knowledgeable in all aspects of sound and is a pleasure to work with. She gave us a final product we were very happy with. I highly recommend anyone to work with her!"

Lauren Tolfa

Director of Sean & the Ramblings of a Sculpture Artist

"Sabrina was a terrific asset to the company when she helped with Manchurian Avenger. She was a quick study, very personable, and had an outstanding work ethic. I would highly recommend her for sound design."

Tim Stephenson

CEO of Facet Films

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