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Demo Reel

My Focus

Sound Design

I boost the emotional impact of video games with tailored sounds that suit the story, tone, and gameplay.


I use Wwise, FMOD, Unreal's MetaSounds, or Unity's built-in tools to design immersive audio systems for games.

Dynamic Mixing

I make sure that the most important sounds are heard by players at the right time and at the right volume.

About Me

My name is Sabrina, and I'm an eco-friendly Sound Designer for indie games who is based in Colorado. I've been obsessed with playing video games and the piano since I was 6 years old, but took a long and windy road to get to game audio. It included a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a slew of odd jobs, three career-defining courses at Colorado Film School, and more.

Favorite GamesHollow Knight, Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium, Bloodborne, Journey, Breath of the Wild, Kentucky Route Zero


Featured Projects

A breakdown of my creative process as the Sound Designer for Letterhead, where I delve into how I created its original library and sound effects for our WebGL build of the game. 

This is gameplay from Letterhead: a puzzler that I did the sound design and implementation within Unity for. I also made the ambient music. In this video you can preview sounds from our demo.

My sound redesign of Tunic, which features a variety of combat sounds. Other long versions of redesigns from my demo reel can be viewed here

A walkthrough of how I used Wwise to develop a dynamic audio system for a survival game called Nightmare Wizard, made in Unity. 

What Clients Say

derrick reyes.webp
"Sabrina is a great sound designer with a love for the craft and a lot of versatility in her toolkit. She is a fast learner, responsive to feedback, and produces assets with impressive speed. Sabrina would be a strong addition to any audio team."
-Derrick Reyes, Studio Director of Game Audio Forge
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