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My Focus

Sound Design

I boost your title's emotional impact and game-feel with tailored sounds that suit the narrative and gameplay.


I bring your character's actions to life with original performances of footsteps, prop handling, and more.


I design immersive audio systems with middleware such as Wwise or FMOD, or directly within Unity and Unreal.

About Me 

My name is Sabrina, and I'm an eco-friendly Sound Artist who is based in Colorado. I've been playing video games and the piano since I was 6 years old! My adoration for Super Mario 64, voicing sound effects to play with my cat, and improvising at the piano planted the seeds for my dream career.

Favorite Games: Hollow Knight, Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium, Elden Ring,

Journey, Breath of the Wild, Kentucky Route Zero, Super Mario 64


Featured Projects

  • My sound redesign of Tunic: an isometric action-adventure game that features a wide variety of melee combat & magic

  • A look into my creative process as the Sound Designer for Letterhead, which just released publicly and can be played here

  • My sound redesign of Disco Elysium: a narrative-based role-playing game. It features many UI sounds and ambiences

  • A walkthrough of how I used Wwise to develop a dynamic audio system for a survival game level made in Unity 

  • A gameplay sample from Word Breeze: a casual game that I created relaxing sound effects for as its Sound Designer

  • My sound redesign of Death's Door that features a variety of creature sounds, attacks, and fatal blows from umbrellas

Liquid Bubbles


"After adding Sabrina's sound design to Letterhead, the game truly began to come together. Her calming, zen-like sounds perfectly underscored the relaxing play experience I had long been seeking to cultivate."

David Zack

Lead Developer of Letterhead

"Sabrina was able to deliver great quality sounds in a timely manner that were to an incredibly high standard. She was professional, communicative, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the end product was just what we needed."

Frank Pleece

Sound Designer at Molinare

"I'm confident that Sabrina has the skills you are looking for as a sound designer. If there is anything she needs to learn, she'll learn it in a very short time while presenting the most adept and polished team member interaction you will find."

Justin Davis

Founder of Audible Existitude

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