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Hi! I'm Sabrina: an eco-friendly Sound Designer for indie games who is based in Colorado. I got my B.A. in Psychology from Loyola Maryland, then took odd jobs for years before deciding to study screenwriting and directing.

Once I took Colorado Film School's and Berklee Online's audio courses, I knew I wanted to support narratives and gameplay with sound instead of with actors. So, I learned about sound design, storytelling, and game design.

Headshot of Sabrina Fedele from Sabrina Fedele Audio
Sabrina Fedele recording sound effects out in the field

Since then, I've worked on several indie games such as Airborne Empire and Letterhead. I also serve the IGDA Climate SIG as the Podcast Editor of Doing Our Bit and organize monthly Colorado Game Audio meetups. 

Prior knowledge about psychology, directing and storytelling can all be applied to sound design. That's why I collaborate with indie studios and developers to tell their stories with sound. Let's work together to tell yours next.

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