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Hi! I'm Sabrina: a Sound Designer for games and films. I played the piano and gamed for most of my life, but stopped temporarily to play tennis for Loyola Maryland and get my B.A. in Psychology. Once I graduated, though, it felt like something was missing.

After years of taking odd jobs, I enrolled in Colorado Film School. My first sound class there taught me that I could apply my musical experience to making sound effects! That's why I chose to learn Sound Design, to resume playing piano, and to play games again.

sab with boom.jpg

 I've worked on 4 video games and 9 films worldwide by solving audio problems in several ways: as a Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Re-recording Mixer, and Sound Recordist. I'm currently the Sound Designer for the film Time to Go and the video game Cloud Dive


I'm most interested in films and video games that address climate change, which is why I recommend that developers use the IGDA Climate SIG  as a resource. Contact me to see whether we'd be a fit for one another, to discuss all-things audio, or to say hello.

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