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Game Projects

  • A breakdown of my creative process as the Sound Designer for Letterhead, where I delve into how I created its original library and sound effects. It's available to play on PC here.

  • My Sound Design for The Wandering Band's trailer of Airborne Empire (in development). As the Sound Designer for their game, I'm implementing all the audio using FMOD/Unity.

  • This is gameplay from Letterhead, which I did the sound design for within Unity for. Hear my sounds or follow along to learn how to play our demo that is now available on PC.

  • My sound redesign of Tunic, which features a variety of combat. The magic and melee sounds are cold and sharp to contrast the original sounds from Power Up Audio.

  • My sound redesign of Disco Elysium: a narrative-based role-playing game. It features many UI sounds since how you level up Harry and which checks he passes influences the story.

  • My sound redesign of a roguelike called Have a Nice Death, where I utilized synthesizers in nearly every sound. I a created dark, sinister soundscape since you play as a reaper.

  • A walkthrough of how I used Wwise to develop a dynamic audio system for a survival game called Nightmare Wizard, made in Unity. 

  •  Gameplay from Word Breeze, a relaxing puzzler by Houlihan that I did the Sound Design for in Unity. Each sound was created with original field and studio recordings.  

  • A compilation of the foley I have performed and the source materials I've recorded for a variety of games. You'll hear foley from Letterhead, Word Breeze, redesigns, and more.

  • My sound redesign for Death's Door features magic, melee combat with an umbrella, and fearsome attacks from potheads. 

Other Projects

  • Sound Design for Houlihan on Letterhead Mobile (in development)

  • Sound Design for Game Audio Forge on an unannounced project

  • Sound Design for Molinare on an unannounced project

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