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Sound Design

I reveal your character's or your subject's perspective and tell your story with tailored sound effects.


I create sounds for the nuanced actions of your characters in sync with picture to save time/money.


I seamlessly blend dialogue, music, and sound effects together so that audiences suspend their disbelief.

About Me

Hi there! I’m Sabrina: an eco-friendly Sound Designer who is based in Colorado. I got my B.A. in Psychology then took many odd jobs before I began studying Directing and Writing at Colorado Film School. All it took was their sound courses to teach me that I wanted to tell stories with sound instead. Since then, I've worked on ten short films and one feature film.

Favorite Films: Wings Over Water, Samsara, Oldboy, Paprika, Stalker, Midsommar, Mulholland Drive, The Orchestra

Sabrina Fedele
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Featured Work

  • A walkthrough of my creative process as the Sound Designer, Foley Artist, and Re-Recording Mixer for Choloa short, dreamlike narrative film which was nominated for Best Sound by CFS. 

  • My sound design breakdown for a short horror film called Nibbles Must Die. As the Sound Designer, Foley Artist, and Re-recording Mixer, I was responsible for all the post-production sound.

  • A demonstration of the foley I have performed and the recordings I have captured for films and games. You'll see foley from Cholo, Letterhead, The Next Contestant, Earshot, and more.


Tim Stephenson of Facet Films
"Sabrina was a terrific asset to the company. She was a quick study, very personable, and had an outstanding work ethic. I would highly recommend her for sound design."
-Tim Stephenson, CEO of Facet Films
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