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I was told from an early age that video games were only for children, and that I had to stop playing them once I became an adult. 


I only played video games once when I was getting my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Loyola Maryland. I didn't play them at all during the years that I took odd jobs, wondering what it was that I really wanted to do. I finally realized that I wanted to learn about sound design when I took a course on it at Colorado Film School. Once my roommate let me borrow their Switch to play Breath of the Wild, I decided that I was going to build a career in game audio.


I taught myself about game design, game audio and sound design to become part of the game industry. I also started playing games again and never looked back.

Favorite Games:

Hollow Knight, Outer Wilds, Elden Ring, Disco Elysium, Super Mario 64

Favorite Sound Design:

Cult of the Lamb, Tunic, Hollow Knight, Hades, Breath of the Wild, Journey

Featured Projects


Sound Designer

Created/implemented relaxing sound effects for this word game made in Unity and made a walkthrough of my process

Word Breeze

Sound Designer

Recorded, created, and implemented all-original sound effects for this casual game into Unity

Unity/Wwise Implementation Demo

Technical Sound Designer

A demonstration of how I developed a dynamic audio system for this survival game made in Unity using Wwise

Sekiro: Sound Redesign

Sound Designer

A sonic recreation of a boss battle with a divine but extremely ill dragon that features creature & combat SFX

Other Projects

Robobugs Unite (2022) Sound Designer for this Wowie Game Jam Title

Haunted House: Dice til Dawn (2022): Sound Designer for this GMTK Game Jam Title 


"After adding Sabrina's sound design to Letterhead, the game truly began to come together. Her calming, zen-like sounds perfectly underscored the relaxing play experience I had long been seeking to cultivate."



"I'm confident that Sabrina has the skills you are looking for as a sound designer. If there is anything she needs to learn, she will learn it in a very short time while presenting the most adept and polished team member interaction you will find."




Reach out to introduce yourself, solve your audio problems, or prevent them.

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